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Source:Linyi Jinling Textile Co., Ltd. Date:2021/6/22
Prompt:The production process of water-spunky nonwoven fabric, our knowledge of fabric is getting poorer and poorer, especially the lack of knowledge of many kinds of fabric, we certainly don't know water-spunky nonwoven fabric
Spunlace non-woven fabric production process, our knowledge of fabric is becoming more and more poor now, especially for a lot of cloth kind of rusty, you certainly don't know spunlace nonwoven, believe that many friends engaged in the production of cloth, for spunlaced nonwoven is familiar, most of the fabrics are made of fiber winding each other together, spunlaced nonwoven is no exception, but it is composed of a multi-layer fiber, and it contains fiber special widely, its fiber raw material is varied. The following small editor to introduce the water spiny non-woven fabric production process.
I. non-woven process flow of water spreader:
A. Fiber raw materials, such as loose mixing, carding, crosswire laying, drawing, pre-wet, positive and negative water spines, finishing, drying, winding up water treatment cycle
B. the fibrous materials - opening mixed - combing clutter into network - - prewetting - positive and negative of water - finishing - drying - winding write write water treatment cycle different ways into the net effect of the final product lateral strength ratio, process A fiber screen for better regulation of lateral strength ratio, suitable for spunlace synthetic leather base cloth production; Process B is suitable for the production of water prickle material.
Second, the prewetting
The prehumidification treatment is the first step in the reinforcement of the formed fiber net into the water spreader.
The purpose of pre-wetting is to compaction the fluffy fiber net, and eliminate the air in the fiber net, so that the fiber net can effectively absorb the energy of water jet after entering the water spout area, so as to strengthen the fiber entanglement effect.
Common pre-wetting methods:
Double net clamping type <>
<> clamping type of perforated drum and feeding screen
Three, the water thorn
Through the pre-wet fiber net into the water spout area, the water spout hole of the water spout plate of the water spout out a number of fine water jet, perpendicular to the fiber net. Water jet displacement in the part of the surface of fiber in fabric, including to fabric opposite vertical movement, when the water jet through the fabric, by supporting net curtain or drum rebound effect, the opposite of scattering in different orientation to the fabric. Rebound in the water jet impact directly and water, under the dual role of fiber in the fiber mesh displacement, interspersed with, entanglement, looping, forming numerous flexible bound node, so that the fabric reinforcement.
The vertical injection of water jet into the fiber net can prevent the destruction of the fiber net structure and maximize the energy of water jet, which is beneficial to improve the performance of non-woven materials by water jet.
The reinforcement methods of water spines mainly include the reinforcement of water spines with flat net, the reinforcement of water spines with rotary drum and the reinforcement of water spines with flat net.
Curtain weave structure and the fabric appearance structure effect Drum spunlace reinforcement process, the water thorn along the drum circle, fine mesh adsorption on the drum, accept the water thorn spewing water jet injection. Web adsorption on the drum, there is no running deviation phenomenon, be helpful for high-speed production, fiber screen at the same time in the water area is surface movement, accept the water surface to relax, reverse side compression, it is helpful for water jet penetration, entangled fiber effectively.
The rotary drum is a metal cylinder perforating structure with an internal dewatering device, which has a good rebound effect on the water flow compared with the support curtain strengthened by the horizontal water spreader.
Drum (3) combined with flat screen spunlace reinforcement in spunlace reinforcement technology, flat type with drum type combination can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, play to their advantages, usually 1 and 2 for the drum type water thorn, the third level is flat screen type water thorn.
(4) water) and hydraulic spunlace reinforcement process often water) for 7 to 12, the commonly used hydraulic is 60 ~ 250 bar, depending on the fabric quality, production speed per unit area, such as water thorn is usually low to high, low pressure setting.
(5) structural analysis of water jet according to fluid mechanics, water spurts out of water jet holes, which can be called non-submerged free turbulent jet. After the water jet is ejected from the water jet hole, due to the transverse pulsation of the turbulent jet and the frictional resistance of the air convection beam, the water jet gradually changes from the cluster stream to the dispersed water droplets.
Four, dehydration
The purpose of dehydration is to remove the water trapped in the fiber net in time, so as not to affect the entanglement effect of the next water spines. When there is a large amount of water in the fiber net, it will cause the dispersion of water jet energy, which is not conducive to the fiber entanglement. The water content in the fiber net is reduced to the minimum after the water spearing process, which is beneficial to reduce the energy consumption of drying.
V. water treatment and circulation
The water consumption of the production process of water spines nonwovens is very large. When the output reaches 5 tons/day, the water needs to be about 150m3~160m3 per hour. In order to save water and reduce production cost, about 95% of the water must be recycled after water treatment.
(1) the service life of the filter bag and filter element will be shortened when the water requirement for the water-spining non-weaving process is lower than > suspension content.
The dissolved or colloidal dispersion of organic matter <> tends to muddy water and produce color. These substances tend to deposit on the wall of the water jet orifice and adhere to the fiber, thus affecting the final whiteness of the product.
The putrescous mass formed by the microorganism <> will quickly block the water jet hole after being transported by the high-pressure water pump, causing the water nozzle pressure to rise suddenly and causing parking in serious cases.
The inorganic salts of <> dissolved in water, whether they are anions or cation, have an influence on water spines. Calcium and magnesium ions in the pipeline and equipment produced dirt, iron, manganese, copper plasma is easy to generate colored substances, white health materials production, should be strictly controlled its content. High chloride ion content is easy to cause equipment corrosion.
Will all kinds of fiber together, and is the combination of fiber layers is spunlace nonwovens, but that does not officially called spunlace nonwoven, it is known as non-woven fabric because it has not been textile, textile but will this process into the automatic injection. By spraying this process, various fibers are combined to enhance the durability of the fabric, thus increasing the quality of the fabric.

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