· Nonwoven fabric
1、High quality white pearly polyester viscose wet towel water - piercing non-woven fabric 2、40.50 g heavy water spinneret 3、Pearl grain of waterspiny nonwoven fabric manufacturer
4、Plain spiny nonwoven fabric 5、Polyester spiny nonwoven fabric 6、White polyester water spunky non-woven fabric
7、Non-woven fabric production 8、30g-60g barbed non-woven fabric 9、A cloth for a water-splattered wet towel
10、Water spines non - woven cloth 11、Water - piercing pearl plain wet towel cloth 12、50g high quality straight lay water spiny non-woven fabric
13、Water piercing pearl moistening cloth 14、Flat non-woven cloth pearl non-woven cloth wet towel cloth 15、30-60 g high quality straight white spiny nonwoven fabric
16、50g polyester plain spiny non-woven fabric 17、Barbed pearl 18、Flat white non - woven cloth used for moistening cloth with straight spines
19、Polyester viscose water piercing non-woven fabric wet towel mask cloth 20、Terylene spunky non-woven medical and health care products pearl grain plain non-woven cloth 21、Viscose polyester water spiny nonwoven plain water spines
22、30 g 40 g 50 g 60 g high quality white pearly polyester viscose wet towel water spiny non-woven fabric 23、Polyester wipes hydrate non-woven fabric medical and health products 24、A cloth used for the facial mask of pearl moistening with water spines
25、Plain pearl-grain non-woven fabric with water spines 26、Product display 27、Product display
28、Product display 29、Product display 30、Product display
31、Product display
· Spun cloth
· spunlace nonwoven
· Polyester viscose yarn
· Clay yarn
· Polyester viscose yarn